Core Technology

Core Technologies

Magnetic Bearing

The magnetic suspension bearing makes the shaft stably suspended through the controllable electromagnetic attraction. The shaft is not subject to any mechanical resistance during the rotation, so it has high efficiency, no wear, no maintenance, no lubricating oil, and the blasted air is absolutely oil-free. Ultra-high efficiency, the efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 85%, the noise is low, and the noise is reduced to below 85 decibels.

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Magnetic levitation control technology:

Magnetic levitation control technology with all independent intellectual property rights has developed a new control strategy based on PID + vibration compensation + extended state observer and obtained a number of invention patents. Compared with traditional magnetic levitation controllers, it has better stability and robustness.

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Ternary flow impeller:

The impeller adopts a ternary flow design method to maximize efficiency. It is made of high-strength titanium alloy and aluminum alloy material and is precisely processed by a five-axis linkage machining center. The maximum efficiency of the whole machine can reach 85%.

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High-speed permanent magnet motor:

The main difference between the high-speed magnetic levitation blower and the traditional single-stage blower is that the drive motor uses a permanent magnet high-speed motor (18000rpm~100000rpm), the transmission support part uses a magnetic levitation bearing with no mechanical friction loss, and the fan impeller volute is specially designed.

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Technical Advantages
Probability of damage
substantially reduced
Maintenance cost
substantially reduced
No need to add
mechanical lubricating oil
Energy saving effect
Significantly improved
Service System