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Zhejiang Zhongyuan Magnetic Levitation Technology Co., Ltd. was established

Zhejiang Zhongyuan Magnetic Levitation Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Zhongyuan Electric Co., Ltd., located in Hangzhou, a world-renowned paradise. It is a company based on high-speed permanent magnet motors with fluid mechanics as the key. A high-tech enterprise with magnetic levitation control technology as the core. The company is engaged in the design, production and manufacture of magnetic levitation centrifugal blowers, magnetic levitation centrifugal compressors and other magnetic levitation technology products, aiming to adapt to the continuous innovation of technology in the new era and provide technical support and service guarantee for users in a new environment of energy saving and noise reduction.

1. Product function application field

The magnetic levitation centrifugal blower is a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly fan that combines magnetic bearing technology, high-speed motor technology, and full ternary flow impeller technology. It has a compact structure, high efficiency and intelligence, electromechanical integration, and simple operation. The most important thing is that it can save more than 35% energy than traditional fans. It is used in material transportation, kiln ignition (cement plant) and sewage treatment and other related industries, and the effect of energy saving and noise reduction is very significant.

2. Core independent intellectual property rights

The core technology of the company is independent innovation, independent research and development, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. In recent years, the company has applied for 23 patents and obtained 8 invention patents. The overall products have reached the international advanced level.

3. Enterprise scientific and technical personnel

The company currently has 105 employees, of which 32 are technical personnel with technical secondary school education or above, accounting for 30% of the total number of employees, and 25 are engaged in magnetic levitation technology research and development personnel, accounting for 23% of the total number of enterprises.

4. Achievements and Vision

The company's products are exported to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Guizhou, Guangdong, Liaoning, Shandong and other regions, and have won unanimous praise from customers. Both energy saving and noise reduction are leading domestic similar products. The company has a professional after-sales team that can provide users with relevant technical services in a timely manner.